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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Post from: Frugal Dad

The Frugal Roundup
This Is Why You Are In Debt. Ever wondered how and why you are deep in debt? Chances are you have engaged in at least a few of the behaviors described in this post. (@Marc and Angel)
Money and Dating: Finding Someone With Similar Financial Goals. I recently read the results of a ground-breaking survey that revealed tightwads are attracted to free-spenders, marry them, fight about money, and divorce. Duh! (@Million Dollar Journey)
101 Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free. Nothing beats a cheap meal, and free is in even better! Here’s a great resource for those planning a night out with the kids. (@Mr. Free Stuff)
Green Living: Ways to Recycle and Buy Used. In just the past month we have purchased a sofa and love seat used, gave away our old one to a family friend in need of furniture. We have tried to adopt a strategy of only acquiring something if we are willing to give up something else. Helps keep clutter down. (@The Digerati Life)
Kitchen Compost Bucket – DIY, Easy, and Frugal. As a fellow “do-it-yourselfer,” I was very curious to learn how to make your own kitchen kitchen compost bucket for very little money. (@Debt Free Adventure)
Should You Buy Disability Insurance. Not a particularly fun topic, but one that hits close to home for me. My mom became totally and permanently disabled after a stroke at 53 years young. She is now completely dependent on income from her disability policy - a financial lifesaver. (@Generation X Finance)
How to Save for Multiple Goals. We actually save in separate accounts for each of our goals, but since I’m looking to consolidate and streamline, I think this single-account, spreadsheet tracking model. (@My Dollar Plan)
How You Can Use 529-Plan Money. Did you know thanks to the stimulus plan you can now use 529 money to buy your college student a computer, and pay for internet access the next couple years. Other little-known uses included in this one. (
Best of the Rest
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7 Life-Changing Vacations to Help You Regroup and Rethink
What to Do With the Mail Mess?
Save Money Buying Overstock or Returned Items
Make Money Without Another “Job”
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